Where I Have Been

August 31, 2009

I haven’t posted here for a while, because… Well, I couldn’t be bollocks-ed to, really. Much too busy trying to stave off a nervous breakdown that part of me actually wants to happen anyway. A nervous breakdown that’ll probably be precipated by: being hounded by various people for money, whilst I’ve got fuck all coming in myself, because; there’s still no sign of a job – only a brick wall of impolite cunts who don’t reply to my applications at all, plus the occasional, unhelpfully generic ‘there were more suitable applicants…’, and; realising that the 27 years of life I’ve somehow managed to stumble through so far have all been for naught, because I have naff all to show for any of it – no worthwhile employment, no money, no assets, noone to share my vast expanse of nothingness with and, worst of all, no visible prospect of getting any of these things. All of which makes maintaining a blog seem to be yet another pointless exercise in an increasingly meaningless and arbitary world.