General Election Countdown

June 13, 2009

Becoming Prime Minister may have been the fulfilment of a life’s ambition for Gordon Brown, but, for the rest of us, it has meant being lumbered with a weak, unelected leader. He has never faced the public in a general election, and was thoroughly destroyed in the recent local and European polls. He not only has no mandate from the people he would presume to lead, but has also lost his authority among his own Cabinet. The only thing that has so far saved him from being defenestrated by his own backbenchers is their spineless, self-serving concern for their own seats. Brown’s time in Number 10 hasn’t been merely borrowed, but stolen. And he knows it. But even this ill-gotten time is running out; so here is, courtesy of the Conservatives, a countdown to mark the march towards the date when Gordon Brown must call a general elecion, and suffer the consequences.

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